Nasty Alice is a gallery for contemporary art, founded in 2012. We are a renowned gallery, based in Eindhoven and the place to discover young talent in combination with established names. Galerie Nasty Alice represent artists from the Netherlands and Germany. We have exhibitions in our gallery and are present at various art fairs. The gallery is part of talenthub jump! of the province of North Brabant where young talents are supervised. There is collaboration with various galleries, curators, art foundations and museums.

Sebastiaan Dijk and Johan Jorissen are good friends and both owner of the  gallery. Sebastiaan is committee member at Cacaofabriek Expo (Helmond), province of Friesland, province of Limburg and Zwolle.

jump! is a talent development project of the province of North Brabant with Museum Jan Cunen, Galerie Mieke van Schaijk, Galerie Nasty Alice, Pennings Foundation, Make Eindhoven, De Cacaofabriek Expo, Van GoghAir and Luycks ​​Gallery. Twelve young artists are supported for eighteen months through training, courses and exhibitions.