Nasty Alice is a gallery for contemporary art. We are the place to discover young talent in combination with established names. Galerie Nasty Alice represent artists from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Every six weeks we present a new exhibition in our gallery in Eindhoven. We have many artworks in stock (see in stock/webshop). Nasty Alice is present at various art fairs, collaborates with various galleries and art institutions, participates in projects and organizes portfolio and meet the artist days.

Sebastiaan Dijk and Johan Jorissen are good friends and both owner of the  gallery. Sebastiaan is committee member at the CacaofabriekExpo, Stichting Cultuur Eindhoven and Provincie Friesland.

Artists will be present during ‘Meet the Artist’. It is the chance to meet the artists and find out more about their work.

Jump! is a talent development project of the province of Noord Brabant with Jan van Hoof Galerie, Museum Jan Cunen, Galerie Mieke van Schaijk, Galerie Nasty Alice, Pennings Foundation, Make Eindhoven and Luycks ​​Gallery. 12 young artists are supported for 18 months through training, courses and exhibitions.

Appèl Galeries is a traveling partnership between various galleries from the south of the country.
Every year there is a joint presentation at a surprising location.