This purchase arrangement is an installment purchase method. It offers the possibility to pay part of the purchase amount in installments. You pay no interest and there are no costs associated with the scheme. 100% art 0% interest.

The scheme applies to works of art with a price between € 350,- and € 12.000,- The down payment is 30% of the purchase amount. The maximum number of installments is up to an amount of € 1000,- > 10 months, above that > 20 months.

The artwork costs € 1500,- for which you pay 30% (€ 450,-).
The remaining amount can be paid in a maximum of 20 installments of € 52,50 per month (€ 1050,-).
There are no costs associated with this scheme, so you pay a total of € 1500,- in 21 months.

The arrangement is a collaboration between Galerie Nasty Alice and ABN AMRO.
Payment is made via direct debit.
The scheme is available for private individuals and companies.