Knobbelzwaan, 42 x 24 x 28 cm, porcelein
Paarderennen, 47 x 47 x 32 cm, porselein
Vanitas, 71 x 29 x 30 cm, porcelein

Hanneke Giezen (Breda) her ceramic works are about beautiful and ugly, good and bad taste and everything that goes with it. She opts for symbols of power (for example butter rines). Hanneke is inspired by the shapes from the Baroque and Rococo and uses porcelain, which was traditionally intended for nobility.

In the Terra Incognita series (Unknown Land), Hanneke is concerned with the question of whether Flora and Fauna can cope with the speed of the changes that are taking place with the regard to global warming. She lets her imagination run wild and fantasizes about what the world can look like and how some animals have adapted. Inspired by drawings and monsters from the Middle Ages, where explorers discovered new land and tried to capture unknown animals.

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