30 November 2019 to 19 January 2020
opening Saturday 30 November 3 – 5 pm

Marie-Louise Elshout (Rotterdam) shows in her work the desire fornineteenth century Romanticism. The world she enters is populatedby melancholic beings who seem to be loaded with the power of nature,wandering in their own world with their own secrets and rituals.
Roderick Laperdrix (Utrecht) is fascinated by the recluse and its representationin modern society. In his drawings the image of the recluse can be seen asa caricature of man’s modern relationship with nature, but also as thepersonification of the desire for peace and isolation.
Andrea Lehnert (Dusseldorf) paints work that resonates between two poles.Her small paintings are mostly colorful light-flooded compositions.Her larger works are fresco-like composed paintings with often people.Confused, fighting, floating, falling, flying bodies.
Onno Lolkema (Antwerp) paints landscapes that combine the traditional withthe contemporary. He works impulsive with various elements basedon joy, fear, memories, old artworks, modern times and his love for nature.

Land of Glory