zonder titel, 20 x 28 x 76 cm, piepschuim, bladgoud, steen
Knieval voor idealisme, 17.5 x 40 x 73 cm, brons, acrylic one, bladgoud
It's a jolly world, 8 x 8 x 47 cm, messing, gips
A lot like advertisement, 60 x 28 x 308 cm, rvs (met-sticker), piepschuim, staal

Teun Welten (Helmond) manifests his sense of wonder about the comprehensible and the functional. He questions the self-evident. Airing his astonishment about existing forms with a specific mass in selected materials forms the basis of his artistic practice. Welten’s sculptures are not at all mysterious. They present themselves as they are and in their careful, perfectionist design have an understandable presence. It is precisely their logical design that evokes questions, because it is here that they lose their function and natural form. The inevitability of the material manifestation of these images is in contrast to the metaphorical powers generally ascribed to works of art. Nothing needs to be read into these sculptures. The fact that Welten himself more or less denies the artistic character of his sculptures can be traced to his youth. He had no affinity with art and art history, instead relying on the analytic logic of mathematics and chemistry. However, his trust in numerical logic has not diminished and this is proven by the formal manifestation of his sculptures, which are strangers to all types of non-commitment.

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